Thinker Connect Cybernetyx Video Konferans Kamerası

Interactive Camera (Touchscreen experience) EyeRIS® 3-D Dual-band Optical
Simultaneous Input Points 255#
Display Size Support 32″ to 75″
Cross platform support (BYOD) Windows® and macOS®
Easy Sharing Share notes through QR code
Accuracy +/-2px
Ambient Light Resistance Technology 830nm +/-20 & 650nm +/-20 dual band tracking technology (Visible and IR bands)
Tracking Speed & Response time 120 FPS (can be extended upto 200 FPS) & 195 million dots/sec
Calibration Technology Automatic & Manual Calibration
Stylus Power Requirements Super-Capacitive technology, No Consumables, 3 minutes charging time via USB
Whiteboard Suite Flow ( Windows®, Mac®)
Video Conferencing ( Built -in camera ) Full HD 1080p
Camera View Angle 110°
Connectivity I/O Micro USB
Accessories (Standard) Super Capacitive Stylus (2), Micro USB cable, Stylus charging cable (2), Kensington lock
Accessories (Optional) Cybernetyx® FP65, BoardScan
Voice Capture Distance 5m Radius Voice Capture (extendable up to 20m depending on environment conditions)
Microphone Mic Array of 4 MEMS Microphones
Microphone Features VAD (Voice Activity Detection) and DOA (Direction of Arrival)
Integrated Voice DSP Features 4- mic adaptive beam-former, Full-duplex Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) with barge-in support (up to 50dB att.), De-reverberation, noise suppression (up to 15dB att.), Automatic Gain Control (AEC)


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